Choosing the right heater.

Choosing a heating system for your swimming pool can be the difference between loving your swimming pool, and not. It is important to ask yourself the 3 simple questions we ask our clients, to ensure your purchase is both effective & affordable.

QUESTION #1: How often do you and your family want to use your swimming pool? This question will play a vital role in how much you spend, and how much value you get for your investment.

Its important to remember we live in a cooler climate, so traditional solar pool heating system’s may not give you the best value for money, however do offer a low cost option for pool owners just wanting to extend the swimming season. 

Gas heating has, and always will be the highest performance heating option. However unfortunately gas heating does come with the highest running cost’s.

Electric heating is quickly becoming the overall favourite heating system, with the capability to be run all year round, at a much more affordable price to gas.

QUESTION #2: How important are running cost’s VS the usage you get out of your swimming pool? With our bills at home forever increasing, it is important to think about your annual increase to your bills that your swimming pool heater is going to add.

Solar heating can be run for less than a dollar a day over a year, however this is highly dependant on weather.

Electric heating while slightly more expensive than solar heating, this is the best option for pool owners wanting control over when they can use their pools. Not being controlled by the weather. This is complimented by more homes being built with solar panels & more of us choosing to add solar panels to our existing homes. Having solar panels can dramatically off set the cost’s of running an electric pool heater, as well as energy providers offering a wide range of special discounts on electricity bills.

Gas heating operates at the highest performance over all heating options, but like mentioned earlier it also costs the most to run. Gas heating remains the #1 heating options for pool owners who want their pools hot, and don’t want to wait. Whilst gas heating options for a swimming pool are high in running costs, they are still the best option for spas & swim spas. With a smaller body of water to heat, the performance and heat up time outweighs the slightly higher cost’s of running.

QUESTION 3#: What is more impotent to you, lower on going cost’s OR lower up front cost’s.

With a whole range of pool heating options, and a range of different brands within those options, it can be confusing and easy to make a mistake without the right advice. Brunsdon pumps offers a wide range off heating options from all the major brands, such as Hayward pool products, Astral, Supreme heating, Davey, Waterco & more!

This gives us the ability to offer you and your family a heating option that suites your budget, swimming needs & overall annual cost’s.

Brunson pumps offer a range of high end energy efficient pool heating options, that will dramatically reduce your on going cost’s.

We also offer a range of budget friendly options, which may not come with  all the bells and whistle’s BUT offer great value for money!